Numerical annotations

Returns the avg of chart numbers
AVG([Sum(Hours Spent)]) + 10
Returns the distinct count of values for provided chart dimension
Returns the first value of chart numbers
FIRST([Count Of Records])
Shows the forecast line for defined numerical chart dimension and end
FORECAST_LINE([Count of Records], LAST([Count Of Records]))
Shows the line by defined start and end
IDEAL_LINE(0, LAST([Count Of Records]))
Returns the last value of chart numbers
LAST([Count Of Records])
Returns the max of chart numbers
MAX([Sum(Hours Spent)]) + 10
Returns the median of chart numbers
MEDIAN([Sum(Hours Spent)]) - 5
Returns the min of chart numbers
MIN([Sum(Hours Spent)]) + 10
Returns the value at a given percentile of chart numbers
PERCENTILE([Sum(Hours Spent)], 0.3)
Returns the standard deviation of chart numbers
STDEV([Sum(Hours Spent)])
Returns the total sum of chart numbers
SUM([Count Of Records])/10
Shows the forecast based on custom velocity.
VELOCITY_FORECAST(FIRST([Count Of Records]), 0, 5)