Integrations in Fibery are quite unusual. It replicates a part of an external app domain and feed data into Fibery and create several Databases. See more information

Dedicated service (integration application) should be implemented to configure and fetch data from an external application.

All communication between integration application and Fibery services is done via standard hypertext protocols, whether it can be HTTP or HTTPS. All integration applications are expected to adhere to a particular API format as outlined in this documentation. The underlying technologies used to develop these integration applications are up to the individual developer.

Users may register their applications with Fibery by providing a HTTP or HTTPS URI for their service. The service must be accessible from the internet in order for the applications gallery to successfully communicate with the service. It is highly recommended that service providers consider utilizing HTTPS for all endpoints and limit access to these services only to IP addresses known to be from Fibery.

In essence, Fibery's applications gallery service acts as a proxy between other Fibery services and the third party provider with some added logic for account and filter storage and validation.

Installed application will be available for all users in your Fibery account. Users from another accounts won't be able to see or use your integration application.

Sample Apps

Samples apps are available in our GitLab repository.