FORECAST_LINE([Count of Records], LAST([Count Of Records]))


FORECAST_LINE(numerical chart dimension, end)

Shows the forecast line for defined numerical chart dimension and end.

numerical chart dimension: Any numerical chart dimension used for the chart.

end: Any numerical constant or aggregation created against numerical chart dimension used for the chart.

Use cases

Forecast Line

Shows the forecast line annotation.

Source: History

History records related to production flow of implementing super hero protective suite feature

Start DateEnd DateStatus
03 Jan 2018 0010 Jan 2018In Development
10 Jan 2018 0013 Jan 2018Laboratory Testing
13 Jan 2018 0015 Jan 2018In Development
15 Jan 2018 0018 Jan 2018Battlefield Testing

Chart BAR

X: DAY([Start Date])


Annotation: FORECAST_LINE([RUNNING_SUM(Count of Records)], MEDIAN([RUNNING_SUM(Count of Records)]))


DAY(Start Date)RUNNING_SUM(Count of Records)
3 Jan 20181
10 Jan 20182
13 Jan 20183
15 Jan 20184